September 10th – 13th, 2016
VSR Convention Center

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Science Fest 2016, presented by Science In Box, is a grassroots effort of science enthusiasts and organizations here Bangalore.

Come and enjoy the Experiential and fun learning format with LIVE Science Shows, Robot Shows, Science Experience Zones and entertaining science talks blended into engaging workshops – search below for the Events & Exhibits that suits you!

The Science Show

The Show That Steals Your Mind. It may look like Magic, but its all science! The performers use live experiments and information on LED wall to teach some fascinating facts, and everyone participates in the science experiment.


Robot Show

Watch the biggest array of robots performing cool tricks. You can ask them to solve a Maze, let them walk on a line, control them, race them and have FUN. The show is all about letting the Robots entertain you.

Profs with Props

Profs with Props is a show which teaches concepts of science by Real Scientists assisted by props with hilarity and dexterity. It is a unique science talk show where real world scientists speak on interesting topics while the trained assistants demonstrate using the entertaining props.


Craft Corner

Get trained with best craftsmen to make you get creative with paper, glue and other decorative items and take home your show pieces with functional elements.

Puzzle Mania

Speed up your logic with fun-to-use, easy-to-learn tips, tricks and shortcuts for faster solutions. This workshop will improve your skills, allow you to optimize your performance and give you a competitive edge in Sudoku. Impress your friends and shine beyond the classroom!



Learn the concepts of aeromodelling required to create and build your very own model aircraft and send it on its first breath-taking flight.


Science Fun Zone

Walk in to have science fun, build inspiration and get amused. Have fun with bubbles of different shapes and colors, Make giant bubbles, Be amazed with the world renowned illusions, Do magical chemistry experiments and more…


World of Origami

Get creative with paper, make creative origami arts and take home your creations.

Fun-do Slime

Get creative with chemistry. Design your very own slime in this interactive workshop and take home your creation in an unbreakable test-tube.


Robotics Challenge

We let you build and program smart robots to out-smart temple gods, battle deadly snakes and search for hidden treasure. Take part in a robotics adventure like no other. Your mission awaits.


Do-It-Yourself Zone

Walk into a Science Gully with an exciting DIY activity at every corner. Make your own MP3 player, FM radio, fire alarm, light alarm, gas leak alarm, dancing lights etc. without soldering or Make a giant roller coaster and more…


Math Magic

Pamper your grey cells with Mathematics, learn to use Abacus, Master your Maths with easy-to-practice math tricks.

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